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The MRC Network of Hubs for Trials Methodology Research is dedicated to improving the design, conduct, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of clinical trials. We believe in improving people's health, by improving trials.

We’re working with the Northern Ireland Network for Trials Methodology Research on this collection of posters for International Clinical Trials Day. They are a free resource and you are welcome to download, print and share them. We've also collated some external resources related to the importance of trials here.

2016 podcasts

2015 podcasts 

Trials Change Lives- new posters and podcasts 2016

The posters are free to download, print and share and we encourage display wherever trials are discussed.

All these, and previous podcasts, can be found on the Cochrane site.

 Trials Change Lives- poster resource

If you would like to suggest an idea for a poster, podcast, or game related to trials send us an email.