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MRC-NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership (TMRP)

The MRC-NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership began in June 2019 following funding awarded by the MRC-NIHR Methodology Research Programme. The Partnership is led by Professor Paula Williamson, previously chair of the MRC HTMR Network.

The TMRP brings together a number of networks, institutions and partners working in trials and trials methodology research.

The TMRP partner networks who will join the five Hubs within the MRC HTMR Network include:  

In addition, groups from 25 universities are collaborating to offer doctoral training in trials methodology research. Together these studentships will form the new MRC-NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership PhD student cohort.

Eight working groups will specialise in specific areas relevant to trial methodology.  


Working Group remit




Email   Address




 Adaptive Designs                                 

Thomas   Jaki
 Sofia Villar 



Global Health  

see also TGHN




 Elizabeth Allen 



Duolao Wang
Health Economics 


Sarah Wordsworth   



Dyfrig   Hughes
Health Informatics 


Matt   Sydes


Amanda   Farrin








Kerry   Avery
Christopher   Weir



Statistical Analysis




Richard   Emsley
Tim   Morris




Stratified Medicine  




James   Wason
Christina   Yap




Trial Conduct  




Kerry   Hood
Katie   Gillies


The TMRP offers an opportunity to build on the achievements of the MRC HTMR Network while exploring new collaborations and avenues to make continued progress in advancing trial methodology, developing capacity and further reducing research waste.